Fast Transients, Low Noise in Chroma’s New Benchtop DC Power Supplies

Chroma’s newly launched 62000L Series programmable DC power supplies provide low ripple, low noise linear performance and a fast transient response in a lightweight, compact, and cost effective package.

As Chroma’s next generation of power supplies, the 62000L Series delivers pure and stable DC power as well as built-in features designed to meet the stringent requirements of next generation power electronics including automotive power electronics MCU/ECU, communication electronic parts, and semiconductor IC drivers.

Comparison of traditional models

Auto-ranging allows for freely adjusting the voltage and current. This feature eliminates the need to manually select the optimum range allowing all of the power to be available across all of the voltage and current settings.

Fast transient response makes the output voltage that changed due to load characteristics return to a stable supply of power in microsecond response speed. Take the 62010L-36-7 model for example, when the output current changes from half load to full load at the speed of 1A/μs, the voltage change of the actual output can return to 15mV within 30μs.

Low noise input power with pure quality protects the precision load or UUT from the interference of heavy noise. For example, the 62010L-36-7 output voltage noise is lower than 2mVp-p (20~20MHz) under the maximum rated current and maximum output power.

The auto sequencing programming function built into the 62000L Series allows the user to define and edit the output waveforms with 8 steps per cycle.

Conventional linear power supplies are cumbersome due to the frequency design and require more space for ventilation. Chroma simplified the design of the hardware architecture resulting in a better handling compact, lightweight design which is safer to stack.

The brand new 62000L Series programmable DC power supplies features an affordable price, high quality output specifications, practical functions, and standard USB and GPIB communication interfaces making this an excellent choice for testing small power and precision products.


Chroma ATE Inc.

Latest ISO 16750-2, VW 80000 and GS 95024-2-1 Automotive Standards for Electrical Load testing

Chroma ATE launches its latest electrical load testing software for automotive parts. The soft panel integrates the international standards of ISO 16750-2, GS 95024-2-1 and VW 80000 into the 62000P and 62000H series DC power supplies. It easily controls the DC power supply online to provide graphic curves for testing. It is suitable for R&D and QA units for conducting durability and stability verification on automotive electronics like LED headlamp, ECU, wiper motor, power window, car stereo, GPS, charger, and more.

The automotive parts electrical load testing software, which complies with the ISO 16750-2, GS 95024-2-1, and VW 80000 standards, provides the following test items

Item ISO 16750-2 standard
1 Starting Profile test
2 Reset behavior at voltage drop test
3 Momentary drop in supply voltage test
4 Slow decrease and increase of voltage test
Item GS 95024-2-1 standard
1 Transient overvoltage test
2 Transient undervoltage test
3 Jump start test
4 Slow decrease and increase of supply voltage test
5 Slow decrease, quick increase of supply voltage test
6 Reset behavior test
7 Start pulses test
8 Voltage curve with intelligent generator control test
Item VW80000 standard
1 Long-term overvoltage test
2 Transient overvoltage test
3 Transient undervoltage test
4 Jump start test
5 Load dump test
6 Slow decrease and increase of supply voltage test
7 Slow decrease, quick increase of supply voltage test
8 Reset behavior test
9 Start pulses test
10 Voltage curve with intelligent generator control test

Screenshots for the software are shown below:

Picture 1 Picture 2
Picture 3 Picture 4
Picture 5 Picture 6

For the 12V and 24V power systems commonly used in automobiles, the Chroma 62000P series has 40V,120A and 2400W output capability that is applicable for testing automotive parts, while the 62000H series has 40V,375A and 15KW power output capability that is large enough to simulate the entire vehicle’s power supply system.

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Chroma 63200 High Power DC Electronic Load Discontinuation Notice

Chroma wishes to advise you that we intend to phase out the products listed below. Due to Chroma’s operation strategy and policy, Chroma will be phasing out the 63200 series High Power DC Electronic Load and option kit on March 31, 2017.
Chroma will accept orders for the listed products before January 31, 2017 (last buy).

Discontinued Products

  • 63200 series – High Power DC Electronic Load
  • A632001 – Remote controller

Replacement Products
63200A series High Power DC Electronic Load.

Discontinued products will continue to be supported during the warranty period.
Chroma Technical Service Center will continue to maintain the 63200 series High Power Electronic Load for 5 years after discontinuation until March 31, 2022.

Discontinued and Replacement

Program DC transient waveforms to simulate automotive and defense voltage variations


Programmable DC power sources

Chroma’s 62000P series of programmable DC power sources allows devices to be verified under a wide range of voltage dropouts, spikes and other voltage variations making the P-series an ideal choice for production and DVT of products used on mobile platforms or which will experience voltage interrupts. Applications include products designed for use on ships, cars, planes and other applications with variable or unstable input power.

Due to their constant power operating envelope the P-series power supplies are uniquely suited for test applications requiring a wide range of high voltage/low current and low voltage/high current stimulus thereby reducing the number of supplies needed in typical applications. The 62000P Series also includes built in 16 bit readback capability for accurate input voltage and current readings. This means ATE systems no longer need complex shunt/multiplexers to make accurate pass/fail readings of the UUT’s input parameters. These instruments also include I/O ports providing 8 bit TTLs, DC-ON, fault output signal and remote inhibit as well as an output trigger signal for system timing measurements.

12 models ranging from 600W to 5000W, up to 120A and up to 600V.

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